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Mission Statement

Khan’s primary goal is to achieve consumer satisfaction. We do it trough an absolute engineering discipline, innovative products,high level of quality and superior service. And we always do it as a TEAM.

Corporate Values


We value working with energy and passion through demonstrating enthusiasm and frequent celebration. We believe that passion is the spark that ignites our creative power, guides us to our natural talents and shows us where we are best suited to make our contribution in the world. In choosing to celebrate and be enthusiastic on a daily basis we are accepting full responsibility for our power to create a positive, fulfilling, and high-energy workplace.

About Us

Established in 1985, the Khan Arms Company is a part of one of the greatest gunsmithing tradition in Turkey located in Üzümlü/Konya, where the center of Turkishshotgun clusters are.

Being aware of the current market needs, strategic business applications in the global area, KHAN designs and manufacturing concept, stands on a perfectmixture of the technology, coming with modern machines and materials with the traditional craftmanship and art work.